What we do

LAN Global is committed to creating and nurturing strategic partnerships with customers through the creation of, and access to, customized business intelligence and reporting systems. We have implemented Six Sigma methodology to calculate quality of service (QoS) and have multiple processes that allow the collection and documentation of quality control metrics to calculate QoS.

All processes are measured for flow, throughput, responsiveness and accuracy. The data is monitored hourly/daily to ensure output is at a maximum whilst maintaining a zero percentage of errors. All inbound focus materials have a documented multi-step quality control process prior to entry into inventory as finished goods. In addition, we conduct customer service surveys on a quarterly basis.

Lan Global will assess the value of your mobile products through stringent and certified testing processes and reinstate maximum value for the product.

For product that cannot be reused or resold, LAN recovers the items’ valuable resources and recycles them into saleable components and materials. This is done through a comprehensive triage process in which we sort through procured equipment to identify salvageable parts for resale and useable elements for reuse. Through this process, LAN is able to maximize the useful lives of many re-usable electronic assets and further separate those assets containing valuable natural elements.

LAN has developed and maintains proprietary internal systems that track all products through the supply chain in real-time, as well as measure up-to-the-hour productivity and cost. This system allows LAN to provide a true cost analysis, as well as provide customers with an accurate market overview and valuation on all of the assets. LAN employs a team of programmers that maintain and make continual improvements to this system.

Our customer’s data is our top priority security of. We certify 100 percent sanitization and/or destruction of data on any assets processed. Furthermore, we can provide certificates of destruction on any product, initiating its record into our resource management system. This network gives clients access to customized reports and information around the clock.

Data security is an integral part of recycling electronics. LAN Global strictly adheres to the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the U.S. Department of Commerce for the handling of Information Security.

These regulations have increased governments’ and businesses’ need to properly dispose of confidential data when retiring end-of-life equipment. After a device is collected by LAN Global it is assessed to determine if it can be refurbished, recycled for parts or if it needs to be destroyed. For items that can be refurbished or used for parts, LAN Global wipes these devices in accordance with Department of Defense standards, ensuring that 100 percent of data is destroyed. The item is then either refurbished or broken down for parts, which are then used to repair other electronic devices.

All working data is stored on a secure internal network that is only accessible via multi-tiered permissions that are password protected, and reside behind firewall systems (hardware/software). Sensitive data such as password information is stored on a secure server that is only accessible via global administrator privilege. Sensitive information is only passed on to relevant concerned parties. Data security can be further tailored to meet the specifications of individual client’s requirements.

LAN Global offers a full variety of fulfillment models that include:

  • Ordering and buying product for the customer
  • Warehousing
  • Kitting
  • Customized packaging
  • Shipping
  • Reverse logistics
  • Sell to their distributor
  • DOA and Warranty

Our company has established strong OEM partner relationships to resource the best in today's handset and accessory offerings. Our customers have the option to buy products for themselves with LAN Global's support or we can purchase on the customer's behalf directly from manufacturers. Additionally, our buying team offers purchase options for both large and small bulk and gift box quantities.

We offer the support of a dedicated engineering team for all areas of product development and testing. LAN Global works closely with our OEM partners on co-developing customized software and script file settings, reflash/ rework projects and software resolutions. We are able to provide the PRI, IRDB forms for your technical department to set your parameters. This allows LAN Global to customize files to meet any needs.


LAN Global has the capability to program and re-manufacture all brands of phones including Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, and more. Our team can support multiple projects and software loads simultaneously to minimize flash time and maximize output of customer orders.


LAN Global tests handsets before submitting them to the carriers lab for both GSM & CDMA. We work with the manufacturers, carriers and MVNOs in customize the handset S/W and hardware.

LAN Global can buy any excess inventory from Tier 1 U.S. carriers (used or new) and refurbish it as white label product for customers and their agents.