LAN Global is committed to creating and nurturing strategic partnerships with customers through the creation of, and access to, customized business intelligence and reporting systems. We have implemented Six Sigma methodology to calculate quality of service (QoS) and have multiple processes that allow the collection and documentation of quality control metrics to calculate QoS.

All processes are measured for flow, throughput, responsiveness and accuracy. The data is monitored hourly/daily to ensure output is at a maximum whilst maintaining a zero percentage of errors. All inbound focus materials have a documented multi-step quality control process prior to entry into inventory as finished goods. In addition, we conduct customer service surveys on a quarterly basis.

LAN Global is committed to environmental, quality, health and safety management. These values are key components of our company’s standards, which we are continuously improving to meet the changing demands of the industry.

We are committed to meet customer satisfaction with quality wireless products by maintaining and improving the environmental management system (EMS), complying with all environmental laws, regulations, codes of practice, prevention of pollution and prevention of injury and ill health. By utilizing best practices, we able to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment. Our priorities include:

  • addressing clients’ security and privacy issues through the destruction of e-Waste data contained in e-Waste in accordance with the R2v3 standard throughout the recycling chain.
  • ensuring accountability for all focus materials and hazardous e-waste.
  • managing used and end-of-life electronics equipment based on a "reuse, refurbish, recover, dispose" hierarchy of responsible management strategies.

LAN Global maintains ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and R2v3 certifications, adhering to a strict zero e-waste policy, which ensures that none of the equipment collected through our reuse and recycling programs, including accessories, enter the waste stream. LAN is an EPA Waste Handler approved agency as well as a Waste Wise Endorser. All of these processes are audited regularly by certified 3rd party registrars to ensure that the company remains in compliance with all industry requirements. As industry leaders, LAN Global is dedicated to maintaining 100 percent green processes throughout our production facility.

ISO 14001:2015 Certification

ISO 14001:2015 is the international specification for an environmental management system (EMS). It specifies requirements for establishing an environmental policy, determining environmental aspects and impacts of products/activities/services, planning environmental objectives and measurable targets, implementation and operation of programs to meet objectives and targets, checking and corrective action and management review.

R2v3 Certification

R2 Certification, also known as Responsible Recycling Certification, provides verification of LAN’s environmentally responsible, safe, and transparent management of cell phone batteries, and other consumer electronics.

ISO 45001:2018 Certification

ISO:9001:2015 Certification